Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stitchy Update

I have been KNITTING feverisly trying to finish a onesie with a hood before my youngest has her baby on the 28th. Soooooooooo I haven't been doing much cross stitching and I miss it terribly! I did, however, design an ornament which I just couldn't resist and stitched up quickly. Here it is, although the picture doesn't do it justice. The red seed beads I added to the outer backstitching sparkle in the lights. It's so pretty. Thank you Iris for sending me the 2 colors of floss in your Christmas card which inspired this! :)

The chart for this is available on the Blueladie Designs website.

I hope you all have a happy stitchy Christmas!!!

Thanks for stopping by,


Iris said...

Cathryn you are welcome for the floss and your ornament is beautiful. Home for the Holidays is such a wonderful sentiment.

Connie B said...

Nice finish!!