Saturday, January 15, 2011

Help me - CONTEST

The contest is this: Please submit a name for this chart to me by commenting on THIS post OR if you don't want to share the name because you think you have a good chance of winning email me, Cathryn, with “Contest” in the subject line. Only entries with Contest in the subject line will be considered. The winner will receive this chart FREE!!! I would appreciate the help in naming it because frankly, I’m stumped! :)

Thanks so much for your help and -

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Penny said...

I think a good name for this chart would be Virtues or The Virtues. That name came to me as I was looking at the chart.

angel parker said...

Ingrediants for a happy life. or more simple, "the ingrediants".

ArchangelDecker said...

Three by Three Words to Live By


Three By Three Virtues

TeddyPat said...

Cathryn, how about "Words to Live By" ... or perhaps "Words of Life"


Skye said...

"God's Simple Words Equals A Rich Life"
Thanks Cathryn for this opportunity.I do love this chart..

Tara said...

This is hard since I have a hard time naming my pets, LOL so I'll go with The Seeds of Happiness.


Sharon said...

Words for Wise Living

Linda said...

How about "Thoughtful Words". I love your 12 Days of Xmas. Are they available yet?


Iris said...

And the Greatest of These is Love

TeddyPat said...

Thank you so much, Cathryn. All the ones I read here are very good, too.