Saturday, April 23, 2011

Stitching Update

Hi all,
I hope your Easter is truly a blessed one.

I have been working on designs for the September Counted Wishes Festival. So far I have one finished and am working on the second.

Here's what I'm stitching on to date:

This piece I am working on to remember my sweet Wolfgang. He was 19 when he died and he was with me all of those years. I plan on just stitching the cat and his name, birth year and death:

This is Maryse Dupont's 2011 SAL. So far I am up-to-date with it: (the sweet pincushion was a prize I won in Mouse's Birthday giveaway. I LOVE it! Her stitching is divine! :)

An update on Little House Needlework's Sunflower Inn.

I am working on the 1st square of Carriage House Sampling's Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow:

Another pic of CHS CHRH:

Thanks for stopping by,
Love & Easter Blessings to you.


Joyce Clark Frank said...

What wonderful pieces you are working on.
My LNS in Richmond just lost her long time pet cat. It will be great to have a stitched piece to remember your pet.

Mouse said...

oooo lovely work there (inc mine hehehe)love the houses Sal and what a lovely way to remember you beautiful cat :) Happy Easter to you and yours love mouse xxxx

Nancy in IL said...

Cathryn, I loved looking at your WIPs!!! I would love to have seen Wolfgang - the design looks like my Amber. I have a WIP of my sister-in-law's of a cat that looked like our Bear who recently died after we got him following her death. She hadn't stitched the text yet. so I'm going to put his birthdate and day of his death. I still cry... isn't it just terrible the way they take a piece of you with them?

I so enjoyed looking at the first square of Christmas at Hawk Run Hollow, LHN's Sunflower Inn, and the Maryse Dupont's 2011 SAL, althought I couldn't get the link to work for me. I'll just try a Google search. Oh, and congrats on winning Mouse's pin cushion. I've left her comments on how beautiful her stitching is. Perfect tension, no twisted threads, etc. Unlike mine, LOL!

Thanks for a very nice visit to your blog!

Iris said...

Cathryn your WIP are just beautiful. Your piece in memory of Wolfgang will give you comfort now as you stitch it and in the future as you look at it and remember all the wonderful memoried he gave you. Hugs my friend as I know you are hurting from the loss of this beloved friend.

Nancy said...

Great pieces! Love the cat, what a great memorial to your friend.

Vicky L said...

All of your stitching is beautiful! I like the cat piece you are doing.

Patches said...

I love sunflower inn.