Sunday, June 5, 2011

How Do You Do It????

I love travelling from blog to blog and reading about what you all are doing and looking at your wonderful projects. It make me drool and want to purchase so many things I see. Alas, my pocketbook won't allow that! LOL. How do you choose the project you work on and show off in your blogs? Sigh. Wish I could make such wonderful choices as you. AND.. a very big thank you for blogging and sharing what you are up to in pictures and posts. Love it. Now I am going back to read and look some more.

Thanks for stopping by,


Tricia said...

I agree Cathryn! The crazy 15 challenge really helped me this year. I've been much more content with my choices, since I picked ones that I really wanted to stitch at the beginning of the year. I've only purchased a few "must haves" so far this year, because I'm trying limit my patterns on hand to just my three binders. :-)

Jackie said...

Hello Cathryn,
I have a running list of projects in crosstitch, quilts and some dressmaking and crafts. For the most part I just post as a progress (which is mostly for me; and I like to see the progress and process on a project) and a final finish if possible.
Thanks for sharing those thoughts.

Mouse said...

I used all the charts that I had got in for my crazies as I had bought them over a couple of years to do .. and so I thought this is the year to do .. have been surfing the blogland and found patterns that I must stitch and made note for the day my pennies will stretch to get :)I have loved blogging too and making new friends in the process :) cuppa ??? love mouse xxxx

ArchangelDecker said...

I have so much started and unfinished it's pretty easy to just pick something and then run with it. I stitch what I want, when I want to, and I try to make my blog as much about the journey as the destination. (Although, I may never get *to* a destination if I keep starting any more HAEDs! LOL!)

mdgtjulie said...

I have no control (well, very little), so I work on this, that or the other in a sort of hodge podge. I'm getting ready to start a rotation though, and I chose the charts I've already got started plus I allowed myself five new starts. Then I used a randomizer to put them in order. I'll be starting when I get the rest of my supplies! I'm happy to be a follower on your blog. I found you through Victoria G. I guess I should introduce myself, lol. I'm Julie, from Cincinnati, OH and I live with my cat, Yes Dear. I love your cat project too. About cats being civilized!!! It's sooooo true!

diamondc said...

Cathryn: It is so overwhelming sometimes I get stuck I do make a list at the beginning of the year that way I can check off what is done, I also use many of my old magazines and often find many patterns that are just so lovely I need to add them to my list for next year.

Joyce Clark Frank said...

My wish and to do list is growning daily as I read and enjoy everyones blogs. The 15 WIP challenge has helped me start a rotation and here it is June and I am still keeping my rotation going.
I have even started and completed a couple of new ones.
Happy stitching,
Joyce C F/TX

Parsley said...

Recently found I had the same problem. Reading blogs and wishing I could find the time and money to stitch many designs. I've been blessed with sharing stitchy sisters but have recently begun shopping for a few of my favorites.