Tuesday, August 28, 2012

IHSW update (shamed facedly)

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Well, here is my update from a not-so-hermit-ting weekend (last weekend or the one before that btw).  Sigh... it would appear hermit-ting is not going to work for me.  Despite best laid plans, I did not get to stitch the way I had planned.

Even since that weekend, my darling grandson made a request that I make him a WARM afghan.  I cannot refuse him when he asks, so I pulled this out and am working on it every other day.  My hands hurt to do it so I give myself a day of stitching to rest.

Bernat free chart on yarn label.  (Which by the way I have misplaced) - batting a thousand aren't I!  I can however, keep going because this is a simple pattern and doesn't take much to figure it out if I forget.  :)

Sigh, so my "rotation" is now on the back burner as I go back and forth between these two.

Thanks for any sympathy ;) you can pass my way and...

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Rosemary said...

What a sweetheart you are to make the "warm" afghan as opposed to those cold ones...LOL Yes, rest rest rest when you need to, no sense wearing yourself out, it will get finished.

I had to laugh about IHSW, I didn't get linked up, didn't get anything done on the weekend that it was intended to be, BUT I stitched a little this past weekend and had a self imposed IHSW. I think we're allowed.

You do beautiful work, whether on your stitching or your warm afghan!

Feel better.

Linda said...

Hi Cathryn. I hope you feel better real soon. I love the afghan. I love to crochet but don't have anybody to ask me to make them one. (even though I have at least 500 skeins of yarn) I also love your xs piece and have that in my stash. Your doing a great job on it.


Silverlotus said...

Don't stress about the hermit weekend. It is supposed to be fun! ;) Although, I will admit that I've never taken part since I can't seem to steal a weekend for myself to stitch.

The afghan looks lovely. I bet, if you search, the pattern is probably on the Bernat site. But you seem to be going along quite well. (One day I'd love to make an afghan!)

Iris said...

Cathryn, Around the World in 80 Days is lovely. I also love the afghan. You are a very special grandmother. Take care of your yourself and don't overdo.


Mouse said...

ooo well done on the stitching front and the warm afghan ... could do with that here at the mo BRRRRR ..
and hermitting is a wee bit of fun ... if you don't do it don't stress ,, just stitch when you can :) love mouse xxxxx

MaryT said...

Love the afghan and I have sympathy for you. I can't hold my stitching in hand any longer because it makes my hands hurt. I can still knit though without pain. I loose stuff all the time and most of the time it's right under my nose! LOL If you decide you need the instructions you might check out their website I get a newsletter from Bernet with all sorts of freebies.
Mary Louise