Friday, May 3, 2013

Stitching Update

Lizzie*Kate's Winter Alphabet

I started stitching Lizzie*Kate's Winter Alphabet when CCN's Santa's Village was starting to get to me to the point that I wasn't stitching.  Now that I'm stitching again, perhaps I will be able to go back to Santa's Village.  Although, I fully expect not to finish it along with the others.

Thanks for stopping by,


Iris said...

WOW Cathryn you are comming right along on this and it looks great. I am glad you got your stitching mono back.


Linda said...

Great start Cathryn. I love this series. I am working on the Autumn Alphabet.


cucki said...

So sweet *•*
Big hugs x

Carin said...

Thats looking great !