Saturday, April 26, 2014

Update from Rebecca/mommy

Update from Rebecca/Mommy
"UPDATE: Lyllah's blood counts are all back to normal. Her ANC is a whopping 1690. She is off fluids during the day from 9 to 9 and she is allowed out in public without a mask. Oh and of course the best news is we're out of here on Thursday!

What's Happening Now
Today, Delilah walked to the cafeteria, without a mask and without fluids, for the FIRST time in 30 days!
Delilah is currently suffering from "chemo brain"- meaning she is off-balance and dizzy. The doctors say that this will eventually go away when the chemo ends.

Looking Ahead
Once a week, for the entire month of May, Delilah will undergo a Spinal Tap and bone marrow tests at Children's Hospital.
Delilah will have her PICC line removed and a port installed beneath her skin. It will be critical that her environment be and remain sterile. Michael and Rebecca (mom and dad) have been informed that Delilah may temporarily require a feeding tube when she goes home. They say this is very common. We would love for her to use Liquid Hope (organic whole foods meal replacement) - we are sorting out the insurance information right now.
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From out family to yours:  our appreciation and gratefulness are beyond words at this time.  May you and yours be abundantly blessed for all your generosity in donations and prayers.


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