Saturday, May 16, 2015

Another Giveaway!!!

I have a giveaway for you:


        This is a free Little House Needleworks © 2014 chart I got with the purchase of Classic Colorworks overdyed threads.  It is being PIF'd by Leslie who won it from me.  I will announce the winner on May 31st on this blog (and in our group).  

RULES TO ENTER:  All you have to do is post a message to the contest entry message in CONTESTS forum in the following linked group (one of the cross stitch groups we facilitate) KYKS:

You have to join to post a message, BUT if you enjoy my designs you might want to hang around and be a group member.  My new monthly designs that you may have seen on my blog or in my newsletter are included free in this group.  That’s right FREE !  We are also planning to restart our Bingo game which is ongoing as well as other activities and contests with PRIZES (Recipe contest and Christmas parties and charts, etc.)  It will be fun.  Iris C and I are co-owners/administrators of this group and would be excited and happy to have you.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Blueladie Designs


Joyce Clark Frank said...

Just what I need, another group to belong to. I joined it. Thanks

blueladie said...

LOL - I know what you're saying Joyce! Welcome! :D