Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May 2016 Giveaway

Winner will be announced June 1st.
The Rules are:

All you have to do is post a message to the contest entry message (May Giveaway) in the CONTESTS entry forum in the following linked group:


You have to join to post messages BUT if you enjoy my designs you might want to hang around and be a group member. My new monthly designs that you may have seen on my blog or in my newsletter are free during the month of release in the above linked group. That's right FREE! We also have a bingo game with a prize which is ongoing. There are also other spontaneous contests with prizes and activities you will enjoy. So don't miss the fun! Iris C. and I are co-owners and would be excited and happy to have you in our group.  :)

Don't miss the fun! Click on the above KYKS link now!  :D



tabby said...

I cant get in here an signed up but never got an email yet.I certainly like the site and would sure love to win this

blueladie said...

Tabby, I'm sorry you are having a problem, but if you joined, you should be able to access the group. I suggest that perhaps you could get someone to sit down with you and help. I wish I could, but I'm not good at long-distance help. I'm a visual person. Good luck in your efforts and let me know how it works out.

Pat said...

This is a wonderful design. I'd really love to stitch this. Thank you for the chance.

New Bedford, MA

blueladie said...

Pat, please read the rules in the post to enter. Thanks. Cathryn