Tuesday, May 16, 2017

I Won!

the last KYKS Bingo game!  Marl, who was the caller, generously sent me a GC from 123 Stitch!  This is what I got:

Little House Needleworks "Six Little Cardinals" © 2012, 
Little House Needleworks "Grandma's House" © 2017, and
Little House Needleworks "2016 Christmas Ornament" © 2016.

This will be part of my next stitching projects for the upcoming Christmas season.

You might want to join our Bingo game sometime.  It's a blast!  Too late right now, though.  I'm running this one and it's already started.  Keep checking to see who wins and when the next game will start.  :D

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cucki said...

Congrats my dear x