Friday, May 18, 2018

Another Day of Pain

Bad night and even worse morning.  Cousins from Texas have been so helpful (God bless them).  They took away DH's favorite dog and he didn't want to go (but being handicapped, I cant care for him).  Cried and cried when they drove away.  I feel like pieces of my heart are being ripped out one by one.  Living with a broken heart.



Valerie said...

Praying for God's loving presence to be very strong with you, and for His strength in you, in this storm. Psalm 147:3

Ann Lay said...

Please don’t be sorry, however you’re feeling right now is understandable and completely normal even when you’re not sure how you’re feeling, so don’t apologise :) Much Love from across the pond xx

Pauline said...


Marian Simons said...

Dear Cathryn, I am so sorry to hear your awful news.

Best wishes from New Zealand
(((hugs))) Marian