Thursday, March 5, 2009

March 5, 2009

Very Early. My teeth are bothering me so I've taken some acetamenophin and can't go to bed for a while.

I'm currently back working on my year long SanMan Christmas stitch along (SAL) on my afghan so the dozen will have to wait for a while. I really enjoy working on the afghan and will give an update pic when I can.

My chocolate lab, Morgan had puppies. We didn't know she was even prenant. She hasn't been doing so well so we're going to have her spayed when this is done. DH says that if she isn't better tomorrow (today or tomorrow) he's going to take her to the vet. Sigh... always something. She's so pitiful. My heart is breaking for her. She never should have had puppies. Oh well, it happens.

Well, my prayers go out to all of you. We are all suffering at this time aren't we.

hugs and prayers, Cathryn

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