Monday, June 9, 2014

Update on last Clinic Visit for Delilah

From Delilah's mom:

Wednesday's appointment proved successful... somewhat.
Mia the Muppet with a port was brought back again for Lyllah to play with along with other toys. The numbing cream was applied and we waited. A team of 3 nurses came in again, just like last week. But this week was quick and they successfully got blood to test. So we waited more. Then we found out her ANC is very low and we need to keep the contact she receives in a controlled environment which means stay home, limit visitors to few at a time and healthy. This also meant no chemo treatment this week so her first round of this section of chemo is delayed for a week. So from next Wednesday on, Lyllah will only need to be seen in clinic for a chemo treatment through her port every ten days or so. This means there will be entire weeks of time between appointments! We have the whole week of July 4th appointment free! Then we have the first two weeks in August off. After that is the stage called delayed intensive care. And from what we're told, it's just that... intense. We'll be going to clinic 2 times a week.

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