Friday, June 20, 2014


Well, let's see who am I updating?  My poor daughter's family are going through quite a few struggles recently.  I hope you have time for a prayer and/or good thoughts.  Thank you.

Michael (Lyllah's dad):

Early Friday (13th) morning he was taken to the ER with heart related concerns.  The doctors were able to rule out a heart attack but we don't have any further explanation regarding his heart's distress.  Michael's oxygen levels are a low 30 at times and his heart rate falls to the 30's as well.  His chest remains extremely tight and when he attempts to stand up, he gets dizzy and both his blood pressure and heart rate sky rocket.

History:  He suffers from Congential Heart Diseas resulting in 3 open heart surgeries beginning at birth.  He also underwent a successful Mustard Valve procedure.  He is basically a legend at the local hospital.

Anyhow, his specialist was never notified of his hospitalization and came to see Michael after his office hours, bless him.  Michael was released from the hospital the following Tuesday after inconclusive results and had an appointment on Thursday with the specialist.

At the doctor's office, doc came in and told them that he did not find anything new from the last time he saw Michael a year ago.  He is still going to look over the MRI taken from the hospital.  Doc believes that the symptoms that he is having are stemmed from his migraine and wrote him an Rx for it.  He also wrote Michael an excuse for work Friday just incase it lingers through then.  If the migraine continues through Monday, he is to contact his primary care for a sick appointment.  If the migraine goes away but he continues to have symptoms of low blood pressure when he stands (dizziness), he is supposed to call the hospital cardiology back on Monday (6/23).

That's all we know for now.

Lyllah meanwhile is about the same and due for another clinic appointment on Wednesday (6/25).

Thank you for your support.  We sure do appreciate everything.
Cathryn (who is one worried mother/grandmother)


Mouse said...

I am here still keeping you all in my thoughts ... you do seem to be going through a lot lately with one thing and another ... (((HUGE HUGS)) to you all love mouse xxxxx

LKICT said...

Keeping your family in my prayers today. Hope your granddaughter's appt goes well today.