Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Granddaughter Update from her mother

Good morning folks!
Delilah had a home care visit last night in preparation of her appointment today and bloodwork came back really low.  ANC was 10 and needs to be at least 500 to be out in public safely so her immune system is compromised right now.  Along with that, her hemoglobin has dropped to 8.4 so the doctors may consider giving her blood today.  Delilah's platelets have also dropped to only 37,000 as opposed to the hundreds of thousands it should be so she's also at risk of bleeding a lot if she gets a scrape or cut.  With all this being said, this is not surpirsing due to the oral chemo she's been on and this just means that doses need to be adjusted.  Headed down to Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center for her appointment now and will update everyone as we can.

* * * * *

All went well at the clinic visit today.  Vincristine is in the steroids this week but no oral chemo.  The doc says the steroids should bump up her numbers Home Care visit in 2 weeks to check blood counts.  At home and exhausted, poor thing, but otherwise ok.

(from her mom)


Faith... said...

Sorry to hear Delilah's blood work has such bad results. Praying her health will improve.

Joyce Clark Frank said...

Prayers are continuing for improvements for Delilah's

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Praying for Delilah...She's such a trooper!