Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Princess Delilah Update

Update from Rebecca / Mommy
"Today was Delilah's spinal tap to administer some chemo. She also received some Vincristine (another chemo) through her PICC and was sent home with what's referred to as MP6 – a chemo that is taken orally for the next 28 days. Delilah woke from the anesthesia in a rather good mood (no one was sent to the corner, LOL). 
After an early, exhausting morning, she is now resting peacefully.

During her nap we had an exciting phone call from get doctor: Delilah's bone marrow final screen came back and she's officially in remission!

Note: There still may be a few lurking around in there but not enough to be easily found. What this means is her first month's s treatment in the hospital was a success and we will stay on schedule with her treatments to prevent it from coming back.

Next week, Tuesday, we go in for Delilah's PICC to be removed and replaced with a port. This will be a small disk placed over the top of her heart that will make access for blood draws and administration of chemo easier and allow Delilah to not have so many physical restrictions (such as no swimming). The procedure will take approximately an hour and is scheduled for 1pm.

The hardest part for Delilah is no eating 8 hours before-hand.

We will have to arrive at the hospital at 11am for pre-op preparations." #EndQuote
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Mouse said...

So pleased to hear the good news and she seems to be coping well :) and long may it continue :) (((hugs)))) love mouse xxxxx

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Remission is good news Cathryn, I am hopeful all the remaining Chemo and procedures are peaceful and successful! In my prayers!