Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Update on My Grandaughter

Update from her mom (my daughter):

Saturday 5/10
Princess Delilah is back in the hospital – she was admitted over the weekend. She is repeatedly spiking fevers and turning red. Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center is going to take her PICC line out on Tuesday and surgically install her port...

Tuesday 5/13
After having a fever last night, the doctors decided to reschedule her port placement until next week (exact date & time TBA). She will still go under tomorrow as scheduled for her spinal tap chemo treatment. Not sure of when she will be discharged. This depends on how quickly she can get off the IV drip (this will be determined by how much she eats and drinks in a daily period) and also they are still trying to determine the cause of the fevers. A few things they are trying is to take her off of her antibiotics (which the docs believe it's causing her diarrhea) to see if the fever returns or not. Another is they are going to take a closer look at the severe rash on her bottom (caused by the frequent diarrhea) to see if she has a skin yeast infection that wouldn't show up in the urine. Also, she's been complaining of a pimple hurting her ear. The doctor had observed this but it's not concerned unless it busts open and bleeds. Having been lethargic and clingy before we brought her in, today is a relief with her feeling better and being more happy and active.

Wednesday 5/14
All procedures for today (Spinal Tap & Chemo) have been placed on hold due to the fever, concern over infection. 
Delilah is slated to get the Spinal Tap & Chemo tomorrow and the port next week, possibly.

Delilah ordered breakfast: Fruit Loops with milk, blueberry bagel with cream cheese (cut up, please) and a blueberry pop tart (just in case).
I guess she's feeling fruity! Lol

She ate half of her bagel for breakfast. She is off her fluids for good as long as she eats and drinks good. She also has been on the go all day. 

As always, your support and prayers are awesome and most appreciated by all of us.


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Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Keeping her in our family prayers.