Saturday, September 3, 2016

Hope Your Labor Day Weekend

is treating you well and you have lots of wonderful plans for fun things to do.  I have some stitching on my list.  That and looking out my pretty window at the pretty zinnias my darling husband planted.  :)

My Blueladie Designs newsletter went out a couple of days ago.  I hope you got yours.  If not, click on my Blueladie Designs website link above and read on the homepage how to subscribe.  (Oh yes, and I've started to include it in the KYKS group too so there's another place to get it without subscribing!  You have to join our group, but it's a lovely group with lots of fun things to do.  Come, join and contribute.  It makes it even more fun!)

Penny, Killer, PJ and Boots (our 4 cats) have taken over the house and made it their personal mess.  You know... fun cat things like knocking everything down on the floor from wherever it was nicely put up.  Also fun to make the furniture scratching posts even though there are appropriate spots for that just for kitties.    I love them dearly... but...  :{   DH thought I needed a cat.  He brought home a pregnant one (unbeknownst to him).  That cat (Penny) had 4 kittens.  We were able to find a good home for 1 of them, but the other 3 remained and now I'm too attached.  My last cat lived for 19 years so I'm afraid these cats will outlive me.   :(

It's a very pleasant 57*F here this morning.  My coffee tastes especially good and it's a peaceful with most (just DH really) of the household still asleep.  The cats of course are into something new every time I go to the kitchen for coffee.  :)

DH went dove hunting yesterday and the day before he went and last night when he got home he was in a great mood.  It was such a relief because lately we've had Murphy and his law staying with us.  (You know... whatever can go wrong does.)  Which makes for a grumpy DH.  So I hope his improved mood will last another few days.  Maybe the cooler weather will help, although I hear we're in store for a few more 90*ones next week.  :(

Well, I have a few things to do before I can stitch.

Take care y'all.  Be good to yourselves and to one another.


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