Sunday, September 25, 2016


Good Sunday to you!

This is how far I've gotten with ABC.  It was a rough start, but my own fault because I changed my mind on what to do with it and had to rip out most of what I stitched.  :)

Oh well... that's me.

Now that I'm down to the house part, I am really enjoying it.  The picture doesn't do it justice, the fabric is mocha and the colors are warm and I really like them.

I hope your Sunday is peaceful and filled with contentment.



Donna Pheneger said...

Looks terrific, Cathryn, I had that same problem when I started but that was my fault only - no changes. :-)

LindaLee said...

Hi Cathryn. I'm also on the same piece and am buying the charts as they come out. I've wanted a basket full of tiny pillows forever but couldn't find what I wanted to stitch for the pillows. When I saw this new collection, I felt that it was perfect. It's nice to know someone else who is also doing them. Keep up the pretty work. Linda