Thursday, February 19, 2009

February 19, 2009

Good Morning! It's great to be retired!!! LOL. This morning we woke to a "dusting" of snow which wreaked havoc on the highway for drivers trying to make a living. And I sit here with my coffee and orange juice glad to be looking OUT at the world. I wonder just exactly where that "dusting" is???? I say a small prayer for those who HAVE to be out and about and a prayer of gratitude that I am IN.

I've already done a few stitches this morning in my SanMan "Dinky Dozen" SAL. The ice cream cone is almost finished... backstitching to do on the cone part and then I will be finished with July and on to April which will be positioned just above it.

I also want to work some on my designs... November of 2009 is styming me. Everything I try just doesn't turn out right.... and I have started my designs for 2010, but I don't know about them either. I am going to keep doing them, though because I LOVE the idea of them..... :D

Something that crossed my mind this morning... I miss my youngest so much. We used to be so close, but now she is so very busy with working and 2 children. I rarely hear from her and when I do it is 10 min or less. I wonder if this is how MY parents feel. Perhaps this is a teaching that I am supposed to learn from. I do know I have to let it go because everyone has their own lives and they must live them. Sigh... just wish families could live them together. We all seem so far apart.

If you are reading this far... I wish you a peaceful, yet productive day! God Bless!!!

love, Cathryn

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