Sunday, February 22, 2009

February 22, 2009

The end of one week or the beginning of another... hmmmm, all in your point of view I guess.

Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment, just a regular check up in order to renew meds, etc., but the first since I retired. This time I have to travel many miles to see her instead of just a few minutes from work. :) Ah well, "such is life." I really need to hang that SanMan piece I did (Such Is Life). I say it so often.

This past week I worked somewhat on both my SAL's SanMan and Prairie Schooler. No update pics to post, though.

I hope your world is treating you well. I continue to pray for all us who suffer from the economic downturn and all it's stressors.

Love, hugs and prayers,

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